The Lake Of Destiny

A fantasy novel by

Susan Bartholomew

Far away and long ago When demons walked the world below Their hideous armies clashed and fought And weapons for their wars they wrought. And soon the wars will start again, Their battlefield the world of men, One magic weapon is the prize On which both factions have their eyes.
The Lake of Destiny by Susan Bartholomew

In medieval England, early Christians battle the forces of magic and the dark forests are filled with wolves. Laura, an eighteen year old convent girl, is chosen for a dangerous quest. She must find a magical weapon of mass destruction and keep it safe from war-mongering demon hordes. She has a rival in her quest; Ciaran, a young wizard, longs to possess this instrument of power. They meet by chance and for a time they travel together, helping each other to face the dangers that wait for them on the path. But unknown to Laura, Ciaran is hiding something – or is something hiding deep within Ciaran?

Follow the adventures of Laura and Ciaran as they travel beneath the autumn leaves, through underground tunnels and black caves, and come at last to the hidden vault of the Magician’s College, with its deadly guardians.

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