Future Events

No future events are confirmed. Please check back when the coronavirus lockdown in the UK is over.

Past Events

Susan was at the Worldcon in Dublin and Titancon in Belfast in August 2019. At Titancon, 2019's Eurocon, she was on a panel about the Game of Thrones TV series and read an extract from Taliesin's Heir.

Eastercon 2019

Susan attended Ytterbium, Eastercon 2019. She read a chapter from her as yet unpublished novel Witch Gate, in which the heroine Anne is driven by desperation to use the little magic she knows, leading to a result she didn't expect.

Eastercon 2018

Susan was at Follycon in Harrogate. She took part in three panels.

Communicating Science: This entertaining and informative discussion covered science related topics from Stephen Hawking to the Science Ceilidh.

Writing from History: Guest of Honour Nnedi Okorafor and other writers of historical fantasy talked about their work.

Worldbuilding is Hard: This panel about extrapolative futures was inspired by a blog post by Charles Stross, Why I barely read SF these days.

Fantasycon 2017

Susan was at FantasyCon 2017 at the end of September. She read the scene with the ritual in the crypt from Taliesin's Heir, the final book of the Swords of Elyx trilogy. She moderated the panel What Is and What Isn't Grimdark, with a great team of writers who don't all write Grimdark! She also moderated Disposable Bad Guys, about creating the villains of fantasy fiction while avoiding the evil overlord stereotype.

Eastercon 2017

Susan was at Innominate, Eastercon 2017 in Birmingham. She read a chapter from her latest novel Taliesin's Heir, the final book of the Swords of Elyx trilogy. She was on the panel Keeping it Weird; the panellists attempted to define the weird and talked about weird fiction from Lovecraft to Mieville.

FantasyCon 2016

Susan was on the panel From Yesterday: The Emergence of Historical Fantasy. Is the Past the Future? at FantasyCon by the Sea in September. Visitors to the Reading Cafe may have heard her read an extract from her latest novel, Taliesin's Heir, the concluding book of the Swords of Elyx trilogy.

Eastercon 2016

Susan was at Mancunicon, Eastercon 2016. She was on the panel Twisting the Story in which well known fantasy writers talked about their favourite plot twists and examined what makes a plot twist work in fantasy fiction. She moderated Revealing History, Revealing Now, a panel of historical fantasy writers, among them guest of honour Aliette de Bodard. See her page on the programme guide and click the titles for details of the panels.

FantasyCon 2015

Susan moderated the panel Stealing from the Past: Fantasy in History. Together with an amazing line-up of historical fantasy writers, with interests ranging from ancient Rome to the industrial revolution, she spoke about the contribution of history and mythology to fantasy writing. Susan also gave a reading from the third book in the Swords of Elyx series, Taliesin's Heir, featuring the demon characters who first appear in The World Below. She also contributed two poems, Lighting the Work and Crossing the Temple Floor, to the open mic event. Lighting the Work was written for National Poetry Day.

Eastercon 2015

Susan was on two panels at Dysprosium. Game of Thrones: Uncharted Territory looked at fan reaction as the story of the TV series overtakes and draws away from the books. A panel on Faeries which included convention Guests of Honour Jim Butcher and Seanan McGuire discussed the more fearsome and less well known aspects of these ancient beings. Susan is working on a book that features Melusine, a mythical faery, so she has been researching the topic. Susan also read two poems in Poetry, Please! an open mic event.

FantasyCon 2014

Susan went to FantasyCon 2014 in York in September. She read the opening battle scene from new novel The World Below. She also read two new poems in the poetry event.

Eurocon 2014

Susan was at Shamrokon in Dublin in August 2014. She was on three panels.

Missing Medieval Women: They weren't all damsels in distress, so what did medieval women do? Susan moderated the panel and discussed the question with two extremely knowledgable historians, K A Laity and Gillian Polack

Gender Boxes in Game of Thrones: How both male and female characters conform to — or fight against — the gender expectations of the culture of Westeros.

The Competing Religions of Westeros: A discussion of the religious systems of Game of Thrones.

The Worldcon

Susan was at Loncon 3, the World Science Fiction Convention in London Docklands, August 2014.

Nine Worlds 2014

Susan was on the panel The Bards Speak: Authors views of the World of Ice and Fire at Nine Worlds 2014.

Eastercon 2014

Susan went to Satellite 4 in Glasgow. She spoke on two panels and took part in a session of short readings by various authors, including Charles Stross and Francis Knight. Susan's reading was a short extract from The World Below, the second book of the Swords of Elyx Trilogy. The panels are listed below.

Diverse Styles of Fantasy Writing: Fantasy comes in many forms, including historical, dark, epic, romantic and urban. The panel compares and contrasts!

Poetic License: Does poetry allow exploration of challenging issues concerning gender, race and identity in ways that prose cannot?

World FantasyCon

Susan went to World FantasyCon 2013 in Brighton over the Hallowe'en weekend. She read an extract from her new novel The World Below, published by Algana. The World Below is a sequel to The Lake of Destiny, continuing Laura's adventures in a medieval England where magic is real.

Nine Worlds

Susan Bartholomew went to Nine Worlds Geekfest in London in August 2013. She was on two panels, talking about her favourite fantasy series, George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, and the TV series Game of Thrones. In the session Warrior Women and the Armour of Courtesy, Susan and track organiser Jaime Starr examined the strong female characters of the book series. The panel for the discussion There Are No True Knights included Jaime Starr, Susan, Cristina Macia (who is the translator of the books into Spanish) and Miltos Yerolemou, the actor who plays Syrio Forel in Game of Thrones. They looked at the men in both the books and the TV show, and talked about which knights held true to the ideals of chivalry and honour. The audience for both panels had an impressive knowledge of the characters and events of the series and the result was a challenging, lively debate. The whole Game of Thrones track had an excellent organiser in Jaime Starr.

Eastercon 2013

Susan attended EightSquaredCon, the 64th Eastercon where she read a new poem, Endelyon, in the poetry event.

FantasyCon 2012

Susan went to FantasyCon 2012 in Brighton, September 28th to 30th. She read two poems, The Ballad of Mellyn Ebrel and Ciaran's Song, at the poetry event on Friday evening. These poems are based on characters and events from The World Below, the sequel to The Lake of Destiny.

Olympus 2012

Susan attended Eastercon this year. She gave a reading of an extract from her novel The Lake of Destiny. She also read a poem inspired by characters and events in the sequel, The World Below, in the poetry event.

FantasyCon 2011

Susan read an extract from her novel, The Lake of Destiny, at FantasyCon at the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton, on Sunday 2nd October 2011. She also read two of her poems at the poetry event on Friday 30th September at FantasyCon. One was a narrative poem based on a scene from The Lake of Destiny. The other was titled November. A verse from this poem is quoted in the short story of the same name, which you can read here on faceinterface.