Susan Bartholomew writes text games and interactive fiction using the name Endelyon.



A seeker of knowledge arrives at a lonely tower. As he climbs to the top, he must use his knowledge of hermetic rituals and alchemical secrets to gain the status of an adept. Inspired by Kathleen Raine's book, Yeats, the Tarot and the Golden Dawn, and packed with puzzles!

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Dracontias Keep

A newly updated version is now available on Game Jolt and Dracontias Keep is the story of necromancer's apprentice Edmund. Travel with him to a castle in Spain where he meets mythical beasts and fights demons. Will he have the courage to summon the dead from their graves?

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A Labyrinth at Woodstock

The legend of a queen with murder on her mind.

Evelyn De Morgan, Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamond

Queen Eleanor is the wife of King Henry II, Fair Rosamond is his mistress. Henry keeps Rosamond locked away from other men in a tower amid a labyrinth near the town of Woodstock. Eleanor plans to kill her rival, but can she find her way through the labyrinth? Can Rosamond outwit Eleanor and find her way back into the tower in time to meet her lover? Choose to play as the wronged wife or the young woman in love for the first time.

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Note: The game is based on an old legend which has inspired many poems and ballads. There may be no historical truth in the story, though certainly King Henry II, Queen Eleanor and Rosamond Clifford all lived in the 12th century. Rumours may have been spread to discredit Queen Eleanor for political reasons.

Picture credit: Evelyn De Morgan, Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamond


Sidonia the Sorceress will be online in December 2020. Go through the important events of Sidonia's life from her teenage years to her trial for witchcraft. Make the choices she faced. Will she take a secret lover, join a bandit gang, seduce a priest, use black magic for a terrible revenge? Will she burn as a witch or convince the judges of her innocence? It's your decision!

Play the demo on or on Game Jolt. Sidonia rides a stag - or gets a kiss!

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