The Emerald Cross - A Mystery Unsolved for a Hundred Years

The jewels were kept in a locked box in a locked safe in Dublin Castle, guarded day and night by soldiers and the police. How did they disappear from the Castle? Who was responsible? Will their guilt ever be exposed? Why was no trace of the stolen jewels found by Scotland Yard? Are the spectacular large emeralds seen in a small shop in Antwerp all that is left of the stolen hoard? A hundred years later, an investigation sets out to solve the mystery of the Irish Crown Jewels.

Epilogue - 1914


Some of the events in the 1907 section of the story are based on historical facts. As far as I know, the story, while it is a work of fiction, is not in complete contradiction to any of the known events surrounding this mystery. The characters have the names of historical figures and may have some of their known characteristics, while remaining fictional characters. However as is the custom of mystery writers I have chosen to make the most unlikely characters guilty. This story is not intended in any way to be an accurate account or an explanation of the strange facts of the case. Anyone interested in separating fact from fiction or finding out more about this most puzzling of historical mysteries can refer to the following sources which I found useful when researching the 1907 part of the story. The 2007 part is of course completely fictional and the Dublin Kendo Museum and all characters completely imaginary.

Myles Dungan, “The Stealing of the Irish Crown Jewels”, Town House, Dublin, 2003. This book gives an entertaining account of the historical events.