Codename Chameleon

The cops think he's a terrorist, the terrorists think he's a cop.

"What is Dark Ghost?"

"Who knows? What I've heard is, it's a hacker, maybe a team of hackers, who can get into any PC and read any files they want, and sell the information at a high price. The usual security ware won't keep them out. Do you think they're behind this virus?"

Codename Chameleon


Don't take CDs from strangers

Chapter 1

Codename Chameleon


The Sign of the Green Dragon

Chapter 2

Nate pots the black once again

Chapter 3

War in Space

Chapter 4

A night out in Soho

Chapter 5

Shoot first, talk later

Chapter 6

What's the password?

Chapter 7

Chameleon camouflage

Chapter 8

Real life gets more like gaming every day

Chapter 9

Who is Dark Ghost?

Chapter 10

"I think I know who Dark Ghost is. I'll tell you when I see you at the Green Dragon."